An Unwavering Commitment to Excellence!

At Liberty, we take our responsibility to provide a solid foundation for the youngest learners of the district very seriously.

Our vision at Liberty Elementary School is to:

  • Support and love our students while building a strong foundation for continued growth and success

Our mission at Liberty Elementary School is to:

  • provide a positive and safe environment for learning
  • develop creative, competent and self-direction critical thinkers
  • prepare our children for an information rich future
  • build self-confidence and success through physical and mental well being
  • involve students in cultural experiences through arts
  • promote appreciation of cultural diversity and individual uniqueness

At Liberty School, we understand how important it is to grow good humans. We help our students develop the academic and social skills necessary to excel both in school and in life. We use the district adopted curriculums to support academic development, and the Conscious Discipline program and Social Thinking to provide transformational social-emotional learning. We promote trust and caring for all members of our school family community. As a family, we stand by each other through tough times, and celebrate our success. It is truly an honor and privilege to be working with these students who are our future. There is no place we would rather be.

Partnering with families is very important to us, so please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.


Rachel Williamson, Principal