Welcome to Liberty Elementary School - home of the Leopards!

We are privileged and honored to provide the education for all of the Kindergarten and 1st grade students in Tillamook School District 9 located in Tillamook, Oregon. Every day, we have 320 students walk through our door to head to an exciting day of learning. Our district prioritizes creating connections with students that support both academic and social emotional development, therefore, we have 7 school families (aka classrooms) at Kindergarten and 7 school families at 1st grade. The average number of students in each school family is 22.

Our three core family values are:

  1. Be Safe

  2. Be Kind

  3. Always Do Your Best

We use these core family values to help our students learn how to effectively navigate all of the settings within our school. We explicitly teach (and reteach) our expectations to ensure our students understand and apply this knowledge effectively. This is critical in creating classroom communities where all students feel safe, as it is only in this felt sense of safety that deep learning will occur.

Our instruction in both academic and foundational social skills is data driven. As a system, we intentionally collect data to inform our instructional decisions. Collaborative discussions are central to the work that we do here as it is in establishing both purpose and expected outcomes that we will achieve high levels of learning for all students. Our staff excel at working in school family teams to develop lessons and experiences that both challenge and engage our students in meaningful learning academically and socially. Lessons often incorporate technology, either using the interactive whiteboard found in each classroom or individual devices to further enhance and personalize the learning.

Liberty is a school-wide Title I building, so all students have access to services designed to develop foundational academic skills. We offer both in-class and pull-out support for students depending on the level of individualized need.

As with all districts in Oregon, our instruction is aligned with achieving mastery of grade level standards. Both the grade level standards and the curriculum resources that we use to help students master these standards can be found on the quick links on this page.